[09/04/2014 10:05:38]
The Neuropsychology & Cognition group launches its website
[01/01/2013 01:00:00]
I am made Visiting Professor at the University of Bournemouth (UK), an honorary position.
[15/09/2013 17:01:02]
New collaboration with the University of Minho to explore the role of psycholinguistic factors in deviance distraction.
[15/02/2013 06:58:50]
We are organizing the 9th Cientific Meeting on Attention in Palma these 8-10 May 2013.
[30/05/2012 12:58:37]
I am made Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Australia, an honorary position, in recognition for my significant contribition to the work and activities of the University.
The Swedish Research Council approves our 372 000 Euros project on distraction by auditory and vibratory signals to be carried out at the University of Umea with Dr Jessica K. Ljungberg.
The Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research approves our 452 000 Euros project on auditory alarms in complex settings, to be carried out at the University of Umea with Dr Jessica K. Ljungberg.
Psychology Press selects my book chapter to show case their new book on Spatial Working Memory
XI International Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience, Palma, 25-29 September 2011
New book chapter on spatial serial short-term memory in Spatial Working Memory, published by Psychology Press.
First paper on distraction by vibrotactile novelty in press in JEP:HPP!
The new Cognitive Psychology Lab is ready for business!
MEG paper in Neuroimage - The first results of an experiment carried out with my collaborators in Madrid and Plymouth are accepted for publication.
I have been awarded a 3 years research grant from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (over 173 000 Euros) to carry out research on attention capture by novel stimuli.
I'm taking a trip to the University Complutense of Madrid to discuss the first results of an experiment using magneto-encephalography with Dr Pablo Campo.